Studio Design Fees

Studio Fees Are $50 per Hour!

Regardless of your needs, we charge a flat rate of $50 per hour with no minimum time*

This includes initial designs, graphic art, photo retouching, logos, HTML, SHTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA, CMS, databases, troubleshooting or updating your Website. There are never any hidden or start up fees, or additional costs for databases or programming. We like to keep it simple.

For new clients and larger jobs, a 50% deposit is required. This fee will be subtracted from your hours on your first invoice and you will only be billed for the remainder. Should we complete early or you choose to dissolve the project or use another designer, all billable hours to date will be subtracted from your deposit before its refunded.

* Does not include emergency response work, billed as double-time ($80) and any additional costs incurred with regards to additional programmers, stock image usage licensing, hosting, etc..


Non-Profit Discounts Available

All non profit organizations are eligible to receive 30% or more off all designs and updates. Please contact us for additional information.


What’s it all gonna cost me?

Many clients are unaware of the amount of time involved in designing a professional, search engine friendly, responsive website. From initial consultation to content and completion, it often runs 55 – 75 hours fairly easily. When coding for PHP, ASP or CMS or when adding additional scripts or multimedia applications it could grow from exponentially there. If your budget is less, don’t let that discourage you, we work with each and every client to maximize their budget and get the most out of what they can afford.

While we add basic professional Search Engine Optimization to every website we create, an additional focus solely on the SEO can easily add another 20+ hours. While this may initially seem expensive, a quick Google Search of SEO companies will show that we are still far below the cost of many optimization companies out there that promise the moon and rarely deliver. We Deliver. We have several sites that enjoy front page results on Google and Yahoo. An SEO investment might seem like a lot at first but your ROI can easily grow 10x!

My neighbors kid offered to do it all for $600!

My only answer to this is to go for it and call me when you need it fixed, or even completed. Novice designers generally saturate the Austin web design market with flat fees of $500 to $1,000 for an entire website. While this may initially look appealing, it is good to remember that you get what you pay for.

How does this new site look on tablets and smart phones?

whats your end user bounce rate? Is it pulling users in with a successful call to action?

Are users even finding your site with the same search phrases as your competition?

A lack of understanding when it comes to layout, originality and product design leaves you with a template with your logo on it (which most end users will look at and move on to your competitors website in about 3 seconds.). None of your specific needs were addressed, your website lands on page 60 of Google, and your “designer” is nowhere to be found to update or fix problems for you once the site is done. They don’t make websites anymore, they have a girlfriend now and decided they want to be a bass player in a rock band instead. I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times.

I am not just another website designer in Austin!

I am your online strategist.

I can audit your current site for traffic trends and can help you increase your ROI and customer conversion rates as well as help you keep a higher customer retention rate.

I am your personal art department.

I have 20+ years in graphic design and have worked with silkscreen and offset printers, copy centers, embroiders, vinyl cutters, banner and sign makers, etc and can be your go-to-guy for all your real world branding and promotional items.

I am your tech support

I am always just a phone call or email away to answer any random questions you may have. I can help explain why GoDaddy is charging $10 per email account now, or what internet provider is best for your company, or how to tell the difference between hosting companies. I’m here to help and don’t charge for these kinds of calls.


My office called upon me to establish and maintain a website for our small medical office.
Roz was referred to me by a friend, and I cannot thank that friend enough.

That was more than twelve years ago, and I can still rely on N.A.I to provide hosting, technical support and artistic advice at a moments notice. Beyond the artistic vision, N.A.I. Multimedia provides a professional, dedicated and progressive approach. I highly recommend Roz to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

M.J. Axinn. Administrator
Interventional Spine Specialists


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Logos & Branding

We believe in keeping a company's brand clean and simple, yet maintain a very strong design aesthetic and focus. We don't just choose a cool font, we create a reflection of your business. Check out several of our recent Logo Designs.

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Graphic Design

We have 20+ years of experience in the Graphic Arts Industry including Screen Printing, Vinyl Cutting, Dye Sublimation, Offset Printing and Commercial Design. Lets us create your Advertising, Posters, Shirts, CD's, & Business Cards. Let us help you get the word out.

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Audio Production

N.A.I. Multimedia's Creative Studios includes a Class A Project Recording Studio. Soundproof Acoustically Tuned Rooms, Cadac 92x16x32 Mixing Console and Professional Mics and Outboard gear from Nuamann, Universal Audio and more!

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